1.  Credit card payments can only be accepted through on-line registration. Credit cards can not be accepted at the seminar. Cash, Checks or Money Orders are accepted for payment of registrations fees. FURTHER.. you can ONLY register on-line if paying with a credit card.

2.  Registrations can still be made by mail, fax, or email. If not paying with a credit card, go to the bottom of the "Seminar Info" page and mouse over our "Registration Form" and click. A printable PDF registration form will be displayed.

3.  PLEASE make sure information is legible.

4.  A properly completed registration form may be used as an invoice.

5.  Registration confirmation is done within three (3) business days of receipt.

6.  Questions can be addressed to: Phone messages can be left at 419-289-6511 but could take longer to receive a response. (Phone calls are answered at the Ashland Fire Department, and messages forwarded to the seminar voice mailbox.)

7.  Registration confirmation is made ONLY to the contact name at the contact phone/contact email listed on the registration form. Individuals listed in the "ATTENDEES' section of the registration form will not receive separate confirmation.

8.  Fees: $75.00 for one (1) individual to attend one (1) day, Saturday or Sunday (must register which day they will attend).  $115.00 for one (1) individual to attend both days of the seminar.

9.  A completed registration form is required for registration to attend the seminar. Your registration will not be accepted by calling and leaving your name in the seminar voice mailbox.

10. Registration deadline is FEBRUARY 15, 2020.


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